As a leading producer of custom knit tops and bottoms for the Active, Skate, Surf, and Street industry, we provide blank production as well as full package program solutions. Specializing in fabric and garment development, we offer embellishment and packaging catered to our customer’s unique specifications.

Our factories span from Los Angeles, Mexico, Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras – and Asia – China, Vietnam, India.  Zdistro produces approximately 800,000 units a month and each order meets the highest standards of quality control.

Established in 1999, our company is managed by the original founder, Marc Weintraub with over 30 years’ experience in our industry. The majority of our clients are publicly held corporations. We are fully aware of your needs as well as our responsibility to maintain the highest compliance reporting available. Human rights around the world are as important to our companies as yours.

We have been a leader in our markets for over 20 years and are committed to help in the advancement of our industry into the next century. Our goals are simple: to service our customer, to ensure the best quality product, timely delivery, and most importantly, constant communication.